Because telling employees what to do is not enough!

There is a HUGE difference between a “knowledgeable worker” and a “trained worker.”  People in every discipline (sports, navy seals, pilots, etc.) learn by doing, while corporate training is still delivered via a “Talking Head” telling our employees what to do.


According to insights by McKinsey, employee capabilities, is a MASSIVE problem companies will face with business transformation initiatives over the next five years.

The bridge between telling employees what to do and actually doing what they were told, either:

1. Does not exist (meaning employees learn on our customers – high risk)

2. Is 100% manual (meaning it’s inconsistent, not scalable, and expensive).

SymTrain bridges this gap by automating the manual processes required to reinforce and build capabilities so companies spend less and produce more. 

The Problem

You can visit any youth sport in the country and witness a 12-year-old child administer life-saving asthma medication to themselves.  Yet every day we look in the eyes of employees who are struggling . . . 


They can’t see a path to success, their enthusiasm disappears, and they eventually give up and ultimately wind up leaving.

Why does this happen?

1. Because our employees need to wait for coaches, trainers, or managers to help them.

2. The need for assistance increases frustration and self-consciousness. 

3. Companies are not providing employees the skills reinforcement required to succeed.

SymTrain’s Solution

SymTrain enables employees to be their own heroes with automated reinforcement to take charge of their learning and impact their success while companies save time, resources, and money with automated simulations available from any device at any time.

The Symtrain platform introduces employees into real-time scenarios and job situations that develop skills based on doing actual job functions. This is the key to employee development and long-term happiness and productivity. 

Case Studies & Articles

We have worked with many companies and those that have adopted SymTrain are achieving amazing results! In the process, our team has documented learnings and case studies to help others grow their knowledge and understand the value of SymTrain.  

How Simulation Increases Revenue in Contact Centers

Science Behind Modern Learning Neuroscience and Psychology

Quickly On-boarding Employees

Achieving Sales Results Faster

Driving Inside Sales through Proficiency

Ease of Cross-training Virtual Employees

Selecting the High Performing Employees

The applications that most interest me in the workforce digitization space are those that enable guided learning, immersive situations, and employee engagement strategies.

— Phylise Banner | Training Magazine



Every employee has the right to achieve success!

By providing reinforcement and repetition in a safe personalized environment employees are able to build confidence, employees find purpose and experience fulfillment through success.

of companies investing the manual effort and resources, you should consider saving money through automating those efforts. 

Learn why the science suggests SymTraining

If you are in the 10%

of companies sharing knowledge and just telling employees how to do their jobs guess where your employees are actually learning? That is right - your Customers!

Learn why the science suggests SymTraining

If you are in the 90%

The Science Behind the Insights


Increase retention with repetition and instant feedback for reinforcement


Involve employees and build confidence to actually perform their jobs

Reduce anxiety to fail fast and let them learn faster


Remove observation to deliver realistic scenario & performance

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