Dan McCann brings impactful lessons from over 30 years in sales and starting multiple sales enablement businesses to teach us how we can tune into the buyer’s needs and better serve them.


There’s a science behind scaling a sales team. In mastering the mindset and methods of what goes into sales cultures, you’re able to scale faster and in a safe environment. This begins when sales development reps (SDRs) confidently understand the story behind their product or service.

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We have worked with many companies and those that have adopted SymTrain are achieving amazing results! In the process, our team has documented learnings and case studies to help others grow their knowledge and understand the value of SymTrain.  

How Simulation Increases Revenue in Contact Centers

Science Behind Modern Learning Neuroscience and Psychology

Quickly On-boarding Employees

Achieving Sales Results Faster

Driving Inside Sales through Proficiency

Ease of Cross-training Virtual Employees

Selecting the High Performing Employees


The applications that most interest me in the workforce digitization space are those that enable guided learning, immersive situations, and employee engagement strategies.

— Phylise Banner | Training Magazine

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